Media and Mentions

 Media & Mentions

From my product, life, and political worlds...

OPINION Editorial, Newsweek, Sep 2018

Constitution Day: America is eroding the rights I fought for.

Speaking out against Yemen Civil War, Video, Feb 2018

I stand with Common Defense and support the bipartisan Sanders/Lee Yemen resolution to end US involvement in the Yemen civil war. This is a humanitarian crisis that we helped to create. Call your congressperson today! #YemenCantWait #NoMoreEndlessWars #VetsvsHate

Support for A Clean DREAM Act, Video, Jan 2018

I’m a veteran from an immigrant family, and I believe in a better America. Congress needs to stop using veterans as political props, stand up for American values and pass a clean Dream Act now. #StateOfTheDream #VetsVsHate

Battle scars Podcast, Nov 2017

Hear about my journey into the military, my job taking care of soldiers that didn't make it home alive, and my experience as a veteran of color in America. 

Video feature, Veterans for American Ideals, August 2017

When veterans take off the uniform their sense of duty remains. And whether a parent, a sibling, a neighbor, or friend, they proudly play the role of citizen AND soldier.  

Speech for Vigil against Violence, July 2017

Speech given at the Islamic Foundation's Interfaith and Outreach Committee's Interfaith Vigil against Violence. 

Letter to the editor, chicago tribune, july 2017

Letter to the Editor regarding Palos Township Trustee Sharon Brannigan's hateful rhetoric against Muslim Americans. 

Opinion editorial, Oak Park Wednesday Journal, April 2017

Protecting our ideals is vital to our freedom.

featured in Chicago tribune, April 2017

Article talks to women who are considering a run for elected office after the 2016 elections.

Speech on Intersectional Feminism and Reproductive Justice, March 2017

Spoke about how we must consider more than just a white perspective on reproductive rights and other issues. 

Veterans for American Ideals, Leader Spotlight, March 2017

VFAI leaders talk about how their service shaped them and what responsibility they feel veterans have to speak up on issues that relate to our national ideals.